Kenyan Prince Nudes Reportedly Leak Amid Allegations

Raymond Omosa, also known as Kenyan Prince, the youngest sponsor Forex trader in Kenya, has been under fire for reportedly failing to pay for rosecoco services. A sexy chick was allegedly fucked by a Kenyan prince in an Airbnb at the Tsavo apartments in Nairobi. The chick claimed that the Kenyan prince had chosen her and requested her to meet him. The two are said to have gone to Quiver Lodge to get drinks before heading to Tsavo Apartments on Lumumba Drive. The unidentified woman revealed that when they first met at the location, she was inebriated. She claimed that when she awoke, Kenyan Prince had entered her body and fucked her without any protection. Social media screenshots that are currently spreading “He told me we met and he picked me up yesterday,” the message on WhatsApp said. He arrived with Tots Tukapiga when we got to Quiver; I didn’t go inside. Later, he informed me that we were merely going to his apartment, Kuona Tunaenda Tsavo, Lumumba Drive. Tell me why naamka napata he penetrated me without protection and cummed inside without permission—I blacked out from alcohol so much that night. The woman went on to say that the Kenyan Prince ignored her calls when she tried to find him and that the Prince did not cover the cost of the Airbnb accommodations. She allegedly took pictures of a Kenyan prince in retaliation, and these images went viral online. “Tried to call him and he didn’t pick up my calls,” the writer added. The management showed there to scold Kumbe for failing to pay the Airbnb. At least though, I took his naked. Therefore, you explain to me why Kumuexpose kwa group Fulani and napata a girl who was with him yesterday in Tsavo.