No Guidance: Alleged Drake Leaked Masturbation Video

Rapper Drake, who was born in Toronto, has once again drawn attention from all over the world with the publication of an unexpectedly released video that deviates from his typical releases of music. Drake is surprisingly included in the flurry of stolen celebrity videos that have taken the internet by storm just two months into the new year.

Drake has no trouble displaying his shirtless cheating and stripping off. The rapper posted a picture of himself on Instagram Stories earlier this year, straight out of the bathtub and only wearing a towel around his waist.

In a movie where he appears half-naked, Drake poses in his restroom. While some fans were infatuated with the Lover Boy, others were curious as to who took the intimate photo behind the camera. “I want to know who took this though,” a fan remarked.

When a pirated video of Drake appeared online, fans expecting fresh songs from the musician were taken aback. Social media went into overdrive when it was revealed that the video is really comprised of leaked sex celebrity content rather than brand-new music.

The person who released the leaked film is still unidentified, even though it has been circulated widely. Fans and admirers of the artist are left scratching their heads at the unexpected turn of events as rumors fly.

Drake Responded